The Author

About the Author: Eric Charles McGee

ericfour2Once again be happy for this moment for this moment is your life. I believe we are always searching for something unbeknown to us, the word love cannot be overstated for the power it brings to our mind, body, and soul. We live every day of our life yearning for that missing piece to life’s puzzle.

Some of us never find out that missing piece is sometimes hidden deep inside of us. Muse, my second musical goes on an exploration to find the real inner meaning of why we are here. Everyone is a Muse and we are surrounded everyday by sources of inspiration. I have had many muses in my life to write this story and musical compositions. I discovered how truly blessed I have been to be inspired by so many people, places, and things. It has given me the abundance of creative energy that helped create all of the scenes and characters you will discover in this story of love, desire, and passion.

This is a muse.