Muse, A different kind of love story that inspires us all to want to find that brightest light: love.

“Because of you, life matters.” A line from a song from Muse, a gripping psychological love story about a young man’s journey and struggle, into the darkness of mental illness and drugs in the modern times we live in. The emotional impact he faces after his father commits suicide and leaves a suicide note telling him to find a Muse. A Muse to help him finish his father’s musical.

In the telling of this story we find that inspiration in love is what really matters. We discover all of the characters yearning for that missing piece to life’s puzzle. This story is a tale of hope and joy and tragedy and sorrow all connected to music of our times– hip-hop, jazz, blues, popular, broadway and classical ballet. What is a Muse? Get ready to find out.

About the Musical
singer1New York City- MUSE is a dramatic story that takes a look at life through the eyes of twenty-somethings. They are different types of artists, a composer, a model/ actress, a hip-hop artist/ model/ painter, pop/ Broadway singer/ actress, and a classical pianist. It takes us through their search for love, meaning and inspiration. In their search they discover a road of darkness and tragedy, which eventually opens their eyes to find the brightest light of life: love.

The 1 act begins with Skye as a child and inspiring composer writing his first music composition to a young girl named Lovely. It is his first encounter with his emotions of love. His father Sundu who is also a composer, his mentor, and best friend, commits suicide. In a suicide note he writes that he wants Skye to finish a musical he was writing. Skye sets out to find a Muse, someone who will inspire him to finish this musical. Along this journey, he breaks up with his high school sweetheart, Francessca and eventually marries her sister, Tea Moon’s best friend, Heaven Rose. He begins to study music composition at Julliard. His best friend, Young Chance who also is a student at Julliard studying classical piano and Francessca turns him on to marijuana which eventually leads him to LSD and other hallucinatory drugs, this complicates things as he has had episodes of hearing voices. Then he finds himself in a love triangle between Francessca and Heaven Rose, it climaxes with a wild LSD trip with Heaven Rose not seeing him for several days.

The 2 act starts with a heated argument between Skye and Heaven Rose about where he’s been for several days and Heaven Rose accuses him of having an affair with Francessca. Heaven Rose thus, concludes that his drug use is an addiction. The argument ends with Skye threatening Heaven Rose and they break up. At the same time, Tea Moon is in a serious car accident which leaves her face permanently scarred. This leads to a closer relationship between Tea Moon, Skye and their mother January. Heaven Rose finally gets a major part in a musical in London but gets disturbing news about her health. She finishes the musical, Skye graduates from Julliard, they get back together again and are expecting a child. Skye relapses back from his addiction, and his bizarre behavior leads to tragic consequences. He eventually overcomes everything to finish the musical, but pays a very steep price. In the end he goes from the great depths of darkness to the brightest light and finds enduring love.

“Once again be happy for this moment, for this moment in your life. I believe we are always searching for something unbeknown to us, the word love cannot be overstated for the power it brings to our mind, body, and soul. We live every day of our life yearning for that missing piece to life’s puzzle. Some of us never find out that missing piece is sometimes hidden deep inside of us. Muse, my second musical goes on an exploration to find the real inner meaning of why we are here. Everyone is a Muse and we are surrounded everyday by sources of inspiration. I have had many muses in my life who have inspired me to write this story and musical compositions. I discovered how truly blessed I have been to be inspired by so many people, places, and things. It has given me the abundance of creative energy that helped create all of the scenes and characters you will discover in this story of love, desire, and passion.

This is a muse.”

Eric Charles McGee

2017 Copyright All Rights Reserved